I’ll bring your best story to the screen.

I work with filmmakers and journalists to craft long and short-form documentaries for television, festivals, and the web.



Hire me as your documentary editor and I’ll do much more than put pictures to script – I’ll help distill the story, working with you to shape the narrative arc and hammer out the structure. I’ll invest in the subject, give you a fresh perspective, and maybe even take your film to places you hadn’t imagined.



When faced with turning a mountain of footage into a cohesive long-form documentary, you must rely on your editor to tame it and bring your vision to life.  To work this kind of magic – on time and within budget – I bring technical as well as creative mastery, honed over a decade of industry experience.



Whether you need an editor to craft an intimate character-driven doc or a complex yet engaging policy film, I’ll deliver. I also speak Spanish and bring a depth of understanding to international issues. I believe that filmmakers should constantly challenge assumptions – their audience’s as well as their own.