I’ll bring your best story to the screen.

Dear Smart, Courageous Filmmaker.  You have a plate full of pressing things to do to get your project made. Getting dug into the edit doesn’t have to be one of them.



What’s that hum vibrating through the line? You in the throes of agony trying to edit your documentary yourself? Your EP has you on the ropes with a fourth rough cut? Or maybe it’s the sound of time being sucked away while you keep your head in the edit script, when you could be spending it more wisely a myriad other ways.  Writing your 47th funding proposal. Trying to get access aboard the International Space Station. Hustling for projects that don’t make your socks go up and down but that actually pay, because unless you’re one of the one percent (of filmmakers who actually get paid to make feature docs, that is) we all have to earn our nut, don’t we? Hire me as your “preditor” (post-producer and editor all in one) and you can zoom out and finally get a little distance (which feels great and is great for the creative process!).  I’ll do much more than slot pictures, soundbites and music into the timeline. Entrust me with your footage and I’ll crack the puzzle, from figuring out what’s the best possible story to how to structure and script it.  I’ll revive scenes that you had left for dead.  I’ll give you a fresh perspective, and maybe even take your projects to places you hadn’t imagined.



What you WANT is edit alchemy. But your editor is just not delivering the goods. They’re strong on story, but not so hot in the After Effects department. Or they’re a technical whiz, but ask them to drive the train through Narrativeville and they’ll derail faster than you can say “24 frames per second.” They are great at getting the rough cut up on its legs, but they refuse to go back to the drawing board when a scene just isn’t singing.  Whatever the reason, you just know there’s a better editor out there for you.  Someone who is the complete package.  Who, when faced with turning a mountain of footage into a cohesive long-form documentary (or for that matter, a short and sweet web video), can tame it and bring your vision to life.  Someone with the technical as well as creative mastery, honed over a decade of industry experience, to work magic on your material.  A collaborative partner whose mind thinks like a director’s, whose fingers fly over the keyboard, and who can’t NOT get invested in the subject and the story.  Let’s talk.  I can’t wait to hear about your project!



Whether you need an editor to craft an intimate character-driven doc, a complex yet emotionally engaging policy film, or a three-minute marketing video that harnesses the power of real-life storytelling, I’ll deliver a project that’s beyond your expectations. My work has been seen on PBS, the New York Times, Al Jazeera, and National Geographic.  Your project happens to be partly or entirely in Spanish? All the better!  I’m fluent in English and Spanish (not to mention in Premiere and Avid… RIP FCP) and bring a depth of understanding to international issues.  Social docs are what I care about most. In fact I like to say that each film I craft has story as its bedrock, emotion as its axis, and purpose as its gravity. If you believe that filmmakers should constantly challenge assumptions – their audience’s as well as their own – or you relish the kind of unexpected creative leaps that come when your editor turns to you and says, “I’ve got a crazy idea” – I’d love to hear from you.